Today's Digital Printing Offer Quality - Without Compromise



Even after two decades of experience and technological growth, many people still have an impression of digital printing as a glorified color copier. People see it as something that’s either used for variable data printing or for ‘acceptable’ quality when you need something quick. In reality, in the right hands digital printing can match the quality of conventional offset printing. Because this quality is price competitive at lower quantities, it greatly expands your design universe.
Active has over 20 years experience with digital printing. In that time we've learned the strengths of digital printing - and how to harness it for our clients. (READ MORE)

Turning a Brochure Into an iPad App for Hyatt Regency Chicago


After Active worked with the Hyatt Regency Chicago to develop new marketing brochures for their sales team, the hotel had a request. They wanted to re-purpose the brochures into an iPad app.


Using the content developed for the brochures, Active created an app that sales reps use when giving a tour of the property. With just a few touches, the rep can quickly navigate through floorplans, capacity charts, maps, local attractions and other information. The app is helping the Hyatt Regency sales team to make more powerful presentations to potential clients.

The hotel doesn't want the app available publicly, so we developed a system where the users can download the app from Active and load it locally onto their iPad. When any changes are made to the app, the user receives an alert that an update is ready to be installed.