Active's Handwork Team Helps Baker 'Put a Bow On' Their Sales Materials


 Active’s handwork team is available to help our clients with hand-folding & assembly, kitting & packing, and other labor-intensive operations. Their capabilities go far beyond these ‘simple’ activities though – they’re also able to provide the final touch that makes your project special. (Read More)

Origami Meets Commercial Print


A Miura Fold is a Rigid Origami fold developed by Japanese astrophysicist Koryo Miura. The Miura fold was not developed for paper folding – it was for rigid solar panels with hinges. It allowed satellites to carry folded solar panel arrays which were quickly ‘unfolded’ once in orbit. A Miura fold allows a large surface to be unfolded and folded with a simple pull on the opposing corners.(Read More)

Furniture Swatch Assembly for Baker Furniture


Active’s Handwork Department looked like an interior design showroom last week as we put together sample swatch packages for Baker Furniture. The swatch packages were needed for the biannual High Point furniture tradeshow in North Carolina, and are also being distributed to Baker’s showrooms and selected customers.

We received large fabric samples and cut them down to swatch size. We outfitted our cutter with a special blade to replicate the zig-zag cut of pinking shares. Swatches were either hand-glued into swatch books or collated and inserted into a special screen-printed bag.
The packages also include wood samples, which were placed into a hand-tied belly band.