Using High-Tech Printing to Promote an Ancient Art


Jim Bachor is a Chicago-based artist who works in mosaics.  He has an ongoing project to add some art to Chicago streets by filling potholes with mortar and installing a mosaics. Subjects of the mosaics can run from political figures to consumer brands.
Our client, Galambos + Associates, worked with Bachor to design a book showcasing these public arts projects. They were concerned that capturing the feeling and look of the mosaics wouldn't be possible.(Read More)

American Crew Had an 'Impossible' Deadline...but Active Delivered.



American Crew, a division of Revlon Professional Brands, was excited about its upcoming marketing campaign and needed to introduce it at a meeting of senior executives. The goal was to build excitement for the campaign across the company in both their US and European markets.

There was a problem – time. Photography was not completed and the meeting date could not be moved. (Read More)

Reports of Print's Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated!


Marketing is experiencing a digital revolution. New technologies and the emergence of social media are providing new ways to build closer relationships with customers. In this environment, it’s easy to overlook ‘traditional’ media…like print.

With all the amazing new avenues available to marketers these days, a perception has formed that print is a thing of the past. It’s boring, mundane and so 1990. Why would anyone use print when they can use something cutting edge, interactive, and digital? Because Print Works. (Read More)

Branding an Architectural Icon


550 Madison is an icon of the New York Skyline. Designed by Pritzker award winning architect Philip Johnson and completed in 1984, 550 Madison is considered to be the first great post-modern skyscraper. With it’s distinctive ornamental top (nicknamed “Chippendale” for its similarity to decorative elements of the furniture maker) and 7-story arched entrance way, the tower is one of the most influential buildings of the past 35 years.

550 Madison is being converted into a hotel and residential housing. The owners asked our client, DBOX of New York, to create a comprehensive branding and marketing program. Active worked closely with DBOX on engineering the construction of several of the graphic elements, many of which required extensive and complex converting. (READ MORE)


Living Up to the Standards of a Super Yacht



When the superyacht Kismet was built in 2014, the designers’ goal was “not to create the world’s largest or fastest motor yacht, but the most thoughtfully considered and meticulously designed ship plying the seas today”. The result is a ship of unparalleled fit and finish. At a length of 95.2 meters, the Kismet’s 7 cabins can accommodate 12 guests and a crew of 28.

Kismet’s owners wanted to create a book to offer as a souvenir to the yacht’s guests and asked our client, Pivot Design, for help. Pivot’s design concept was impressive as the Kismet itself. They knew producing this project would be a challenge and came to Active because of our reputation for quality, thoroughness, and creative problem solving. (Click to Learn More)


A Culinary Tour Around the World with Park Hyatt


Park Hyatt’s thirty-six hotels in twenty-four countries have earned a reputation as one of the world’s premier luxury hotel networks. Besides offering world-class accommodations, each property also boasts world-class food and wine offerings. The emphasis of Park Hyatt’s Food & Wine programs is on master chef’s using the best locally-sourced ingredients.

To celebrate this vision, Park Hyatt asked Robert Louey Design of Santa Monica to create a cookbook that features recipes from each chef, but also explores the story behind the cuisine.


Creating the book was a multi-year project. Dozens of Master Chefs on every continent produced recipes for the book. Photography was taken of both the final prepared dishes and the property locations. The end result is a culinary tour around the world.

Active worked with Robert Louey Design to produce the project. The final book is a 264-page book + cover. The cover is made from Fibermark La Crema which gives it a soft, leather-like feel. The book is sewn with a stay-flat binding to make it easy for home cooks to use in the kitchen.

Active retouched and color balanced over 100 photos from dozens of different sources to give the book a consistent look.

Bringing Back the Sophistication of Mid-Century Chicago Nightlife


Between 1932 – 1960, Chez Paree was the most sophisticated nightclub in Chicago. Located in Streeterville in what is now known as the Schatz Building, Chez Paree featured that era’s most renowned singers, dancers, comedians, and vaudeville performers. Some of the acts that appeared include Jimmy Durante, Jerry Lewis, Bob Hope, Lena Horne, Liberace, Sammy Davis Jr., Louis Armstrong, and Frank Sinatra.


To celebrate the opening of the new Chez event space at the same location, the Schatz family worked with Chicago’s Liska +Associates to create a limited edition hardcover book commemorating the history of Chez Paree.

Using family photos, documents, and newspaper clippings, the book tells the story of the nightclub through the different eras of its 28-year history.

Candid photos of both the stars of the era and everyday people allow the book to serve as a time capsule of mid-century Chicago nightlife.

A Year's Worth of Sluggo


David Zinn has been creating whimsical sidewalk drawings using chalk, charcoal and found objects since 2001. Thanks to the sharing of pictures of his artwork on sites such as Huffington Post and Facebook, he’s garnered a legion of fans around the world.
Active produced a 13-month calendar featuring David’s artwork of his character Sluggo the Troll. To see more of David’s work or purchase a calendar, visit