"Strategy is a commodity. Execution is an art."—Peter Drucker

Even the smartest marketing programs won’t be effective if they aren’t executed efficiently. Marketing materials need to be efficiently produced and distributed. Changes in the marketplace need to be reacted to quickly. The flexibility to tailor your message to local market conditions — while maintaining brand integrity and positioning — is critical. ActiveAccess is the tool that can help you achieve this.

ActiveAccess starts with a proprietary web portal that serves as a library of your marketing materials. Remote users can see which materials are approved and current (and which aren't). Active Access' Template Design technology gives users the ability to customize materials for their local market needs, while maintaining the integrity of your brand and marketing message.

ActiveAccess is more than just a software program though. It's a Marketing Program Management System that Active has developed over a decade of managing web-based fulfillment programs for our clients. We have the expertise and processes to ensure materials are produced and shipped correctly.

ActiveAccess also offers powerful reporting tools that help you gain a deeper understanding of how your sales channel is using your marketing tools.

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